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Sponsored Research

Sponsored Research 2014/15 is 19th in the series of annual documentation of faculty research activity, spanning the period September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015, with an analytical perspective on all ongoing and completed projects by faculties, graduate students and joint research. The document is organized into three major sections, with Section – I focusing on KU sponsored projects, Section – II on jointly awarded grants, and Section – III on graduate students awards, to facilitate information access, with projects data organized by faculties & departments, inclusive of research title, project team, budget, starting date and duration. The titles provide interesting insights into dominating themes actively be g researched at KU during 2014/15. The statistics on faculty research are appended to the document, as also the Researchers Index, facilitating cross-referencing of research by faculty researchers. The document was distributed throughout faculties, institutions and key recipients, and displayed on OVPR website. Published (in English).