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Inventions from Kuwait University

A premier publication on Kuwait University’s scientific inventions and products of research discovery, “INVENTIONS from Kuwait University, 2016 (Volume 1),  establishes a fundamental basis on patents and intellectual property as   a distinguished marker of  scientific research at KU.   Reflecting on faculty members  outstanding  research  that   won  US registered patents, the document is a befitting  recognition for their distinguished research and  inventions, with the   first Volume of Inventions,  integrating vital data on all patent recipients  from year 2010 onwards until 2016. The document  profiles  a summary description of each  scientific invention,  the  US registered Patent No., and the date of  patent’s  grant. In all, Vol. I includes  a  total of 34 inventions,  with the winning research team, and  their  respective  faculty affiliations.  Cumulatively,  the inventions  were  distributed over the faculties of Education, Pharmacy, Engineering & Petroleum, Medicine, Life Sciences, Science, and Business Administration,  interspersed with concerned faculties  images and visuals.  The document carries  inspiring message from KU  President  centered on the pivotal  role of   academics and scientific research in inducing the culture of  innovation, creativity and excellence at Kuwait University.  While   introducing the   Inventions document, the Vice President for Research shared his thoughts on marketing and turning the inventions into industrial products or projects that serve society, reinforcing his commitment to   enhance, support and    sustain faculty research development at Kuwait University.   RS is also focused on encouraging scientific innovation and discovery, and encourage faculty members  to achieve high quality outputs of international credibility and impact   that  benefit  mankind.   In introducing  the inventions document, the Vice President accorded  due recognition to the efforts of  RS Patents Office in generating the Inventions document. In releasing  the  Inventions document, RS intent is to keep the researchers,  wider society and public informed and updated  on KU’s scientific advances  and achievements,  and as a distinct  attribute to  researchers commendable efforts and attainments. Prepared in Arabic./English.