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RS Holds Scientific Poster Day for this Academic Year by Presenting Scientific Posters via the Electronic Link

In Accordance with Social Distancing Policy

Research Sector is working meticulously to ensure the continuation of its distinguished annual activities and events, and fulfilling its role towards scientific research and researchers at Kuwait University within the framework of full commitment to all health and preventive precautions. Therefore, in light of the country’s current conditions imposed in prevention of COVID-19, RS has prepared scientific posters that were to be displayed at the annual Scientific Poster Day held by RS during March each academic Year, compiling them on a unified electronic link and making them accessible through the sectors website in order to facilitate their viewing by researchers and those who are interested.

In this context, Prof. Rashid Hamad Al-Anezi, Vice President for Research, explained that RS is adhering to the Council of Ministers recommendations and the instructions of health institutions within the country regarding social distancing and minimizing social gatherings, and to KU’s policy concerning protection of its affiliates. From this point, the Scientific Poster Day in its annual form has been cancelled, which was to be held in March at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum in their new locations at Sabah Al-Salem University City – Al-Shdadiya, and the participating scientific posters for this year have been prepared to be displayed in the unified electric link:

In order for researchers and those who are interested to view faculty members, assistant professors, and graduate students scientific and research achievements. Prof. Al-Anezi also confirmed that the winners of best and distinguished scientific posters from sciences and humanities faculties will be announced soon. They will also be honored at the annual awards ceremony which the sector holds at the beginning of every academic year.

Prof. Rashid Al-Anezi also thanked both faculties of Arts, and Engineering and Petroleum, as it was intended for them to host this year’s Scientific Poster Day event. He also extended an invitation to everyone who is interested to view the contents of the scientific posters at the provided link, and discuss their contents with the researchers via their personal e-mail. In conclusion, Prof. Al-Anezi wished everyone safety and for this pandemic to subside as soon as possible.