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The Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation at the RS Organized a Second Workshop on Google Applications for Academics

Under the patronage of Vice President for Research, Prof. Jasem Yousuf Al-Kandari, The Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation at the Research Sector organized a second workshop on “Google Applications for Academics” presented by Dr. Hisham Hamid Al-Sarhan, Department of Information Studies - College of Social Sciences, on Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020 at Institutional Innovation Center - the Presidential Building.

Dr. Al-Sarhan demonstrated Google Applications, a prominent modern technology provider offering efficient applications based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data processing. Dr. Al-Sarhan explained that applications in this workshop are sectioned based on their potential and advantages to academics such as applications facilitating communication and team work, applications used in data collection and analysis processes and other applications displaying and sharing results.

Prof. Haider Behbehani, Acting Vice President for Research, commented that the Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation at the RS carries forward its sustained efforts in enhancing faculty members research capabilities that best serves the institutional research activity.

It is within this frame that the RS organized the Google Applications workshop for the second time during the academic year 2019/2020 for the ultimate utilization of this technology in obtaining data that serve researchers enhancing their academic and research potentials. Additionally, the RS is directly communicating with faculty members and addressing their training needs.

At the end of the workshop, Prof. Behbehani honored Dr. Hisham Al-Sarhan, for his efforts in presenting this workshop.

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